New Beginnings

My baby is sleeping, and this blog was old... so I am starting over.

This log will probably be mostly about my friends and family, since that is what I care most about in the world, and surround myself with daily.

You may find the occasional post about a book, movie, or some music... but that is not really my forte.

Lets start with the most recent occurence in my life - the birth of my first child - Finn. He was born by c-section, weighing in at a massive 8 lbs. 8 oz. He is now three weeks old and is already over 9 pounds!

Being the mom of a newborn has proven to be challenging, but I am embracing the new job I have as Finn and I learn more about eachother and how to work together. Everyone says he looks like me, but I still don't see it!

Today Finn went to the Dr. as I suspected he might have thrush - it's like some bacterial infection of the mouth ot something. And the Dr. painted his mouth with violet! He is completely purple... it is quite the sight. I will post the picture when I get my camera up here.

Other than all the action going on with a new baby, my sister in law and brother in law are moving back to Illinois this week. They have two little girls, and Justin and I will miss their family so much. We will have to find new back alley bridge partners. Ah well.

I will try to post every couple of days, to keep everyone updated on all that is happening here and with our little family.


Chari & Darin said...


I enjoyed your blog. This is quite a journey we're on as mothers isn't it? How strange that within 6 months or so all of us sisters-in-laws are in four different towns/cities raising our kids. Wouldn't it be great to have all of us in the same city? Maybe someday... Hope you have a great day. Love you--Chari