check out this sweet onesie my friend darby got for finn. i love it! finn will totally be a gamer just like his dad.

it has been wonderfully warm here the last few days and i am loving it. finn and i went for a walk to the grocery store yesterday... it was interesting. we live in the area of town which is heavily populated with hispanics... and yesterday happened to be like the national protest day for immigrants against the bill congress is considering passing... there were cars flooding the street next to ours. horns honking, flags waving, even little kids were riding their bikes up and down the street with their little flags in hand, screaming, "Viva America!" and there were police everywhere, trying to keep things in order - which actually, everyone was being very peaceful. they were just having fun and driving around honking their horns. really, it was like a big party, like a wedding party, you know when everyone follows the bride and groom, honking through the town.

finn slept through the whole thing. and i made it to the grocery store, bought my hamburger buns, and arrived safely at home an hour or so later. i love our country. Viva America!