this and that, for the uninformed.

on the sale of the house:
the inspection went alright - all we had to do was scrape all of the peeling paint off of the outside surfaces (luckily our house was brick, so there wasn't THAT much paint) and then repaint.
we scooted out to omaha on saturday the 19th. spent all day sunday doing the repairs, spent all day monday packing, spent all day tuesday loading the moving truck, just the two of us (and miette, but she wasn't much help!). on wednesday we dropped off our check at the title company and took off for illinois - our last trip for a long time on i-80 through iowa, and no, i won't miss that drive. we took half of our stuff (the stuff that mice wouldn't destroy) to the shed of the house we will be staying in, in tremont. the rest of it fit nicely in cam and erin's house - thanks guys!! also thanks to the lot of family members who took care of finn for us, during this insane-mad-rush house sale!
so the house is sold, it's gone, done... more on this later.

on moving into our new place:
the people who own the house are moving to france for a couple of years for work. they are waiting for their visas, and for their belongings to be moved, and then the place is ours. we are calling it more of a house-sitting situation, rather than rent, as we will pretty much only be covering the expenses of the house. we even get to look after their dog, an outdoor lab named kati. she's kind of old though. anyway, it's out in the country, in a nice little foresty area. we are really excited to not only have a place of our own, but to have a place of our own that is as beautiful and perfect for our family as this one will be. come and visit us! there is plenty of room!

on potty training:
i was planning to wait on potty training until we were settled into a place of our own... but it was taking too long. so finn went potty for the first time ever for grandma joyce while we were in omaha. and after that it was at least a week before he went again. yesterday we had a small breakthrough... finn went p.p. on the potty three times, and #2 once. it was great. he wore the same underwear almost all day. today has been a little less successful, but he did go once. he must have the bladder of a giant, because he didn't p. from 6:30 this morning until after 11! anyway, we are excited that he is starting to understand the whole process.

on finn's hair:
finn got a haircut. i couldn't handle the messy curls anymore. and i think he had had enough also. so on saturday morning when i got home from a sleepover with my sister-in-law's, i started the chop. it's not great, but it's not bad. i think it's way cute, and he looks so much older!

on miette:
she is doing great. she is almost 12 pounds now. she had her two month shots and cried and cried - i mean, screamed and screamed. she has been doing pretty well with her schedule and sleeping much better at night - although still not sleeping ALL of the way through the nite. she giggled for the first time on monday, for aunt caitlyn. (who i tease, because she get's all of the firsts!! first to see miette, first to hold her, first to be giggled at!)

on our laptop:
our laptop is fixed! well, kind of. it's not the same as it was before, and i can't get on the internet on it for some reason... but soon. which means, i hope to be posting LOTS of pictures and videos soon. there are pictures from my cousin's wedding, finn's haircut, some pics of baby girl... so stay tuned.