quick update

things are well.

house still not sold. sheesh. oh well. may need to work on alternate plan soon.

miette is healthy, and at three weeks (can't believe she's almost four weeks old!) was weighing in at 8 pounds 5 ounces... which means she is above her birth weight, which is what they like. she is "petite," as the dr. put it, landing in the twenty-fifth percentile for weight and height. we are trying to get a good night time routine going on... but so far, our nights are pretty unpredictable with this girl.

finn is great. he tries his best to help with miette, but doesn't realize yet how gentle he needs to be -- or that she doesn't play with cars or read books. he has also tried to pick her up once! bless his little toddler heart.

justin is headed to a Geekway this weekend, a board gaming convention, in St. Louis. I believe this is something he has been looking forward to for some time. Other than that, he is enjoying work still, and keeping the 'nano-reef' up and running.

i am glad summer is here. glad that the windows can be open and ceiling fans on. i also have realized how bad my bug-a-phobia is, living here in the country. number one disliked insect at the moment: the june bug. totally huge and totally gross.

and that is that.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Bug-a-phobia, eh? Remember youth group trips?