december happenings

- snow, snow, snow, ice, and then more snow.

- five out of eleven december days have been spent hanging out with delsenno kids.

- our local mall, the one where WE shop, becomes a "massacre" site with nine people being shot to death with an AK47. weird.

- justin turned 26.

- finn learned to say,"NO." he has also overcome his first really bad cold.

- corrie is 16 weeks and several days along in the pregnancy. yea! along with this she has said "see you later" to her favorite pair of GAP jeans, along with many other wardrobe items. so sad.

- rudy, the dog, is reminded of her dislike of the winter-time. cold paws, cold paws!

- justin's second fish, the blue one below, died. his water is checking out fine, must just be getting sicklies. so sad. so we are fishy-less.

- and most importantly, harry potter and the order of the phoenix dvd comes out today, and justin already picked it up for me. hooray!


Chari & Darin said...

Thanks for the photos...wish I could give that little guy a hug (and give that growing little belly with a baby inside a little pat!) Hope you are all doing well! Love ya!