pumpkins pumpkins everywhere

well. i really wanted to go a pumpkin patch this year. but in an attempt to save money, we just went to HyVee to pick (out) our pumpkins. they had pumpkins all stacked on hay, and corn stalks... so it seemed festive enough.
i was watching the today show last week, and martha stewart was a guest. she talked all about pumpkin carving. so after watching this, i felt like an expert. i picked up her latest addition of "Living" and had all the confidence in the world that i could carve a pumpkin as well as martha. she had this one pumpkin, where the outside of the pumpkin was scraped off with a design of a black cat on it... this was my intent. (you can see this pumpkin on her web page). but by the time justin was done carving his pumpkin, i had barely started! so i got frustrated and ended up with the fleshless faced pumpkin. which is still cool, but not martha stewart cool.

oh well. finn liked 'em!


caron said...

cool, corrie. i love getting the oct/nov/dec edition of LIVING. oh, and you should check out her website & click on "blueprint"...it's a new magazine...sorta for kids our age...and you can get a free copy...it's a great mag.

caitlyn said...

i love this pic of finn!!!!!