Moo Cow

my son is not a hiefer by any means, BUT he did wear his black spots and red ears proudly for about five minutes the other day.

a gift given by grammie dee, before finn was ever born, the cow suit was intended for Halloween. i was going through the bin we have of 12 months + clothes, and there it was the cow suit. and it barely fit him as it was, so i figured he better just put it on, take some pictures, and go to bed early on Halloween instead.

he was a good sport about it, and even flashed some endearing smiles!


Tonya said...

I got nervous about Tanner's Halloween costume and tried it on him. It fits prefectly right now. I hope it still does in 6 weeks!!!

caitlyn said...

man that kid is so darn camera friendly! SO cute! give him a hug and kiss from aunt cait

caron said...

what a cutie! VINN!!! SO CUTE!