St. Louis

Justin and Finn waiting for our flight.

Finn's first takeoff - he didn't mind it one bit :)

The E. clan, minus almost all of the kids, at Blueberry Hill in St. Louis

All in all the trip to St. Louis was great! We all woke up before 5 AM on Friday to make sure we wouldn't miss our early flight. Finn did great, even fell asleep on the plane! Cam and Erin were there to pick us up at the airport, after a little terminal location mishap. We went out to breakfast with Justin's aunt Viv and uncle Curt at the Cracker Barrel. I got Egg's in a Basket, which turns out that it could be my favorite Cracker Barrel meal ever - so good. Next we proceededto the Galleria, a big mall. There are lots of stores there that are not available in Omaha, so it was fun to visit there. Then we went back to Erin's parents, ate pizza, relaxed, had dinner, relaxed, until the rest of the E. kids got there (ja, caron, chari, darin, cait and jordan) which ended up being around 10:30. We went to bed.
On Saturday, we all met up at the Galleria, and proceeded down to the loop where we ate at Blueberry Hill. Food - mediocre, but it was definately a cool place. THen us gals split off from the guys who were gonna waste some time and then head out to Busch stadium for the long awaited cardinals game. Us gals did a bunch of window shopping, and probably about the same amount of eating! I got a sweet rug from Crate and Barrel for our kitchen. And we ate at the Cheesecake Factory and dessert was so yummy. To end our day of fun, we Built-A-Bear! It will be a toy that can be passed from cousin to cousin, collecting many stories and names and outfits along the way. I got it a superman outfit, complete with pecs and all. Annabelle will get it first for awhile, and so on down the line, until a knew kid is born to the family, who will then receive the bear... it was pretty fun! Erin, Finn and I went back to the Zeller's to wait for the boys to come home. They told us all about the game, we went to bed and then woke up the next morning to fly back to Omaha.
And here we are. Back home with lots of memories. It was a quick trip, but enjoyable to say the least.