weekend in buckley

we spent our fourth of july weekend in buckley illinois, with justin's sister's family - the kennelly's. it couldn't have been a better weekend. good food, good sleep, boardgames, badminton, lots of kids running around enjoying the outdoors, good conversation - it was great.
thanks chari and darin, i can see this becoming a tradition!
here are some pictures.

finn's morning smile

miette's morning smile

finn and sparkler

maddie rose and sparkler

finn, mommie and sparkler

finn scowling at me because i made him take his shoes off in the grass - oh no! the world is ending...

katie, madeline and finn - almost all of them were ready to play in the water...

justin making finn play in the sprinkler...

finn showing how he really feels about the sprinkler... he loves baths, i swear!

justin and katie having a water gun fight


Chari & Darin said...

We too, had a great weekend...don't remember the last time a weekend of company seemed to go so smoothly. We're ready for some more badminton anytime you get the urge to play. Thanks for celebrating the 4th with us!