busy busy busy.

since my birthday, the 19th of june, things have been busy.

there was, of course, my birthday, which was great. dinner with justin (free! since we had a gift card). and i got my haircut, which was way overdue.

then the 20th, miette and i tok the train up and over to chicago. we went mainly for my cousin lauren's bridal shower, but we also hung out with my mom and brother. my brother, zack, lives in the city in a great little condo. so we stayed at his place and he toted us around and was a great host. thanks zack!

well, when we got back from chicago, we noticed there was a bike shop just across the street from the train station. i have been searching for a bike for sometime now. i had saved some of my christmas money, and some other monies along the way just for this purpose. and we found one! bike shopping had been so frustrating since i am so short... not many bikes for me. anyway, we found one.

apart from a few dr. appointments, i don't remember a lot about the weekdays that week.

this last weekend was just as busy - we had to run a few errands on saturday, we hit some garage sales, and met with some people whose home we may rent. we are really hoping it works out with this house, it would be really good for our family - and visitors. then there was church and church activities on sunday...

this weekend we are heading to buckley IL to celebrate the fourth with chari and darin, justin's sister and brother in law. (and their three kiddos). we are quite excited; can't remember the last time we stayed at their house, might have been even before finn was born!

then next weekend we are driving to chicago (the suburbs at least) for my cousin's wedding - also very excited for this... we get to see all of my extended family, which is always a hoot.

after that, i am hoping things quiet down a bit!


Tonya said...

yup sounds like life! would love to see you sometime this summer.