miette eloise

born on may 9, 2008 at 1:13 pm.
8 pounds 2 ounces, 19 inches long.

"miette," pronounced 'mee - et' is french for small and sweet.

"eloise" pronounced 'el-o-ees' is french for intelligent and smart.

the c-section went alright. i had some pain in my left side, and near the middleof the surgery i noticed that i was able to move my leg around (this is not supposed to happen!) the pain in my left side was bad enough to make me cry, and receive more meds on top of the spinal block. i was told that they suspected it was an air bubble. it DID go away. and i DID make it through. i am surprised that caitlyn still has her hand; i was squeezing it so hard!

miette was born with a knot in her umbilical cord. the nurse i spoke with afterwards said that we were extremely lucky, as many babies with this problem do not make it. she was crying like crazy! i didn't get to see her much in the operating room, since i was slightly bleary eyed and in lots of pain, but they brought her to my room not too long after the whole thing went down. she was so small and cute! and in my opinion, she looks just like finn did, only smaller. and more hair. this morning, miette was looking a little yellow-y orange, so they did the jaundice test, and stuck her in this litle cubicle with a blue light. she is not able to come out except to eat! poor gal. they will test her again this evening, and probably keep her in the cubicle until tomorrow morning. she is naked except for her diaper and has to wear these little eye goggle things. boo.

i am recovering much quicker than last time. this hospital has given me a lot less drugs, and i am thankful for it. last time i remember being so out of it. but this time i have been quite coherent! i have had some difficulty sleeping, but most everything else is just fine. a little abdominal soreness, which i am sure will get worse someday down the road, when i am not able to sit on my rear all day long.

finn came in to meet miette yesterday. he did really well. (for him!) he didn't want to hold her, but he did kiss her cheek a few times. i think he was so distracted by everything else, and excited to see mom and dad, that he didn't really care much about the new baby.

now we are just excited to get back home! and dress our little girl up in her own clothes, sleep in our own bed, and move on with life!!


Tonya said...

I've never heard that name before how did you come up with it? She is so precious. I love love love baby girls!!! Boys are fun too but there is just something special about those little gals.

~melissa~ said...

she is beautiful!!! congrats guys we love you all!!!