twenty bajillion things left to do.

it has been decided, that whether or not our house is sold, finn and i will be joining justin in illinois in mid-april. the main reason for this? well, by that time i will be around 35 weeks pregnant... big enough that living on my own would be kind of scary. since we can't afford both a mortgage payment AND rent, we will be staying with justin's parents. hopefully the house will sell and we'll be able to get an apartment before the baby comes... but if not, i will just deal with it! this is becoming more and more of a reality for me, as there is just over six weeks before maybaby comes. i know a miracle could happen, but i'm not counting on it (but still praying for it!!!). anyway, we will have people staying in our house, so at least we won't have to worry about it being vacant and vulnerable.

anyway, when i think of all of the logistical things that need to be accomplished in the next three weeks for one little pregnant woman with a 2 year old, i get a little overwhelmed. but then i think, "hmmm, i have enough time to write a blog post... enough time to watch primetime tv - get to work you lazy bum!!"

i need a dose of adrenaline. too bad i can't have caffeine.

(on a side note - is it just me or does the word 'caffeine' abort all phonics rules... i before e except after c, as sounding as a as in neighbor or weigh... i never noticed this before.)


Daphne said...

corrie, yesterday i let calebs roommate know about your house -- he's moving out obviously. and is considering a home purchase. he said he'd check it out! hope you get a sale soon, whomever it is.

corrie said...

thanks, daphne! someone will come along in God's good time... must. be. patient.

Tonya said...

praying for you girl! love ya :)

joyce said...

The doors are always open!
We continue to pray too...God CAN work a miracle! and...you're learning patience, right?!!! :)