the mysterious offer...

well, we finally found out today what the deal was with those folks who said they planned to put in an offer on our house. turns out they still own a house in colorado, which they need to sell before they can purchase another house. they wanted to put in an offer that was contingent upon their house being sold. their realtor told them he didn't think we would go for it, which is why we never heard back from them - and he was right, that is something we won't go for. we don't know their situation, or what their house is like, so we don't know when theirs would sell... and we don't want to get sucked into something that could drag on forever. of course, there is always the possibility that their house could sell soon, in which case they would probably come back and actually put in an offer. so maybe pray that their house sells!

anyway, just thought i'd let you all know what was going on with that. frustrating, but at least now we know!

i started packing the upstairs closets today. i figure if i do a little here and a little there, the end won't be so much work. so that's what i'm doing. if you pack it, they will buy it... right? isn't that the saying!