snippety snip snip




playing during the holidays...

zack and finn at the mall playplace
just going boatin...
driving the john deere at the children's museum
picking the freshest of fruits at the c.m.
playing with water at the c.m.

family at christmas...

grandpa ken, grammie dee and finn
mom, zack and myself
finn and uncle zack, bestest pals
grandpa ken and finn, play play play
finn and justin rockin it out on finn's new keyboard

a little bit of our christmas...

the christmas tree
finn opening up a gift
finn wondering how to find out what's inside
finn showing uncle zacky (who slept through all of present opening) his new cars, without response
justin, working finn's new welding mask


finn playing...

finn loves this fire truck that aunt chari got for him last year. he loves using the ladder as a car ramp! i was in the living room, and kept hearing his little gleeful sounds, grabbed the camera and was able to document this playtime. finn usually shies away from the camera, so i tried to be sneaky, but he surprised me and continued to play even after he saw me and the camera. hope you enjoy this video as much as i do... also you will notice that finn has come to love his socks, and just seems off balance if one is on and the other off... and no one likes to be off balance!


Help Us Name Our Yellowstripe Maroon Clownfish

some options (feel free to chime in as well):

  • Bob Dole
  • Michael Scott
  • George Michael
  • Ghandi


oh what a night...

i fell asleep on the couch this evening, like usual, only justin didn't even try to wake me up to come to bed. i woke up at 12:30, hungry. a handful of graham cracker bites, a slice of colby jack cheese, a chocolate chip granola bar, a glass of water, and 2 online puzzles later, it is now 1:59am. i have turned a movie on in hopes that it will make me sleepy and will help me drift off. wish me luck.


recent pictures

this is a picture of me from today! i'll be 17 weeks along on friday... feeling little squirmies inside, but no firm movement... still fun though.

this is finn a week or so ago... with his new blow up chair he got from grandma and grandpa easley. he loves this chair. he also loves puppy and monkey, which are also featured in the photo.

this is a pine tree branch in our backyard. just thought it was pretty.


december happenings

- snow, snow, snow, ice, and then more snow.

- five out of eleven december days have been spent hanging out with delsenno kids.

- our local mall, the one where WE shop, becomes a "massacre" site with nine people being shot to death with an AK47. weird.

- justin turned 26.

- finn learned to say,"NO." he has also overcome his first really bad cold.

- corrie is 16 weeks and several days along in the pregnancy. yea! along with this she has said "see you later" to her favorite pair of GAP jeans, along with many other wardrobe items. so sad.

- rudy, the dog, is reminded of her dislike of the winter-time. cold paws, cold paws!

- justin's second fish, the blue one below, died. his water is checking out fine, must just be getting sicklies. so sad. so we are fishy-less.

- and most importantly, harry potter and the order of the phoenix dvd comes out today, and justin already picked it up for me. hooray!


they say it's your birthday...

....well,happy birthday to ya...

i had a picture of this really elaborate cake to post here, but blogger is being difficult so i have none.

today is justin's 26th birthday.
i forgot to say happy birthday this morning. so he walked out the door without any well wishes... and me not realizing it until about 10AM. i was a little preoccupied this morning with all of yesterday's events and trying to get out of the door by eight oclock to go watch cathy's kids. sorry dude.

so, justin, happy birthday! i am so glad to have you as my partner in crime, my compadre... without you life just wouldn't be right. as dr.evil once said, "you complete me." haha:)

hope that next fish works out for you!!


Yellowtail Damsel

this is our official starter-fish. he's quite aggressive and will be to large for our tank in the long run...so he'll most likely go back to the local shop once everything has had a chance to balance out. good thing he was only $6. he is a pretty color though. Finn loves to watch us feed him.