the mysterious vanishing sippy cup

have you, to those of you who are parents, ever lost a sippy cup? i am sure you have. it's like, one minute you see it, and the next minute, "alacazam," it has been sucked into some wormhole in time and space.

last monday, i served up some fruit punch in a sippy cup, very similar to this one. finn wasn't really excited about the fruit punch (what is wrong with the kid, who doesn't like fruit punch?!!) and so it just sat on the ottoman for awhile. later that night, it was nowhere to be found. the following three days were spent away from home, but everyday, i thought about that cup and where it could possibly be hiding.

for those of you who know me, you know my cleaning habits. you know everything has a place. the underneaths of furniture are cleaned out daily. all toys are put away twice a day, once at nap time, again at bed time. if you know me, you KNOW there is no way a sippy cup could go missing in my house. but alas. it is gone.

by now the fruit punch probably has a thick film on top, possbily of the color white or green. i know if i ever find this cup, it will go directly (do not pass go) into the trash can. IF i ever find it.

wouldn't you know it. about two hours after i posted this, i found the above mentioned sippy cup. it was upstairs in the toy box. it actually doesn't look too bad. (we don't play upstairs very often...)


Cameron said...

you found it. Your one of the lucky ones.

Tonya said...

Brae lost a sippy cup when she was about Finn's age and when I did find it it stunk so bad. It had MILK in it! So gross.