passing the time...

in four hours i will wake up finn, buckle him in the car and trek down to the airport to pick up justin. we are both excited for this. in the last ten days, finn has seen justin for about ten hours. i can't wait to see him run and hug his daddy - finn loves him so much.

i have tried to keep us busy while justin has been away to make the time go faster. on thursday, we spent the entire afternoon and dinner at our friends house. on friday we went to the play place at the mall for an hour, window shopped, and got a free meal at panera from one of my old friends who works there. we also played outside for awhile. and today we went grocery shopping and cleaned the house. i even bought myself a personal digiorno pizza for dinner tonite! yum.

life hasn't been all playing with friends and shopping though. here are things that have happened since justin left that haven't been so great:
- my brother-in-law, cameron, is crushing me in fantasy baseball playoffs.
- a bug bit me right under the eye, which is now all puffy and funny looking.
- i was walking out of the bathroom and closing the door behind me, when i heard a high pitched yelp, and realized i smashed my dog's head in the door. whoops. she's okay though.
- my uncle passed away on thursday, after a long and difficult battle with cancer. pray for his family.

we can't wait for justin to be home. rudy sleeps better when he's here. and when rudy sleeps better, we all sleep better. (rudy = dog).