i wish i had her attitude.

there is a lot to be done around here.
before having a kid, getting things done was easy for me. i would have a whole day to accomplish a task, and do it right. i don't do well when i have a limited amount of time to get something done. i feel like if i can't get it done all at once, why even start?
and so that is why things have been put off. mainly - getting things ready for a garage sale. if i keep up the way i have been, things will just be sent to the goodwill. not that that would be bad, but earning a little extra cash would be nice.
so this is it. i am done procrastinating. if i can only work one hour a day, i will. i promise, to you, i CAN DO IT!
but first i have to iron some shirts for justin... THEN i'll get around to that garage sale stuff. hahaha.


joyce said...

go get 'em Corrie! Know you can do this! You're such an organizer.... it'll be a breeze once you get started!

Tonya said...

Oh I hate getting stuff ready for a garage sale but once it's done and over I am always glad I did it!