crabby crabster

...is what describes finn best today. actually, the last two or three days. he has this nasty runny nose, which i suspect, is from getting some teeth. that, or some random germ. who knows.

at any rate, yesterday i noticed that i hadn't scheduled his 18 mo. check up/shots yet, so i called up and had it scheduled for today. i figured, if he is going to be miserable, we may as well squeeze it all into one week. so he got his shot. which was fine, he just cried a little.

we got home, and we were hanging out on the couch. finn did some maneuver which caused him to flip off of the couch backwards and upside down, landing directly on his head. the following ten minutes were a serious cry-fest. when i heard his head meet the floor, i thought for sure this would be the first trip to the ER... but there was no blood. so we skipped that.

so it's not that finn doesn't have a reason to be crabby. he has at least three or four reasons. but the fact remains that no one likes hanging out with a crabster.

finn's stats: (for those who care, grandparents mostly)
weight - 27.1 lbs. (65th percentile) this was his exact weight three months ago!
height - 32.5 inches (51st percentile) grown 1/2 inch in three months.


Tonya said...

poor little guy. you should try teething tables you can get them at osco they are homeopathic and work instantly for teething. I have used them with all 3 kids so far and have loved them!

Chari & Darin said...

We miss you all, but these pics and videos of Finn are making me miss the little guy! We love you all three!

joyce said...

I KNEW he was looking bigger! He's slimming down...as he grows up! Give him a big squeeze from grandma!