tennessee part two: the lost sea

after a trip into the smokey mountains, we stopped at a more touristy site, "the lost sea." this ENORMOUS cavern boasts the largest underground lake in the world. although it appears small, not much larger than a neighborhood reservoir, it connects with several other underground rooms, which are completely filled with water, which makes it the largest. these "rooms" would never have been found had they not sent divers to explore the area.

anyway, the cave was discovered by a boy back in the early 1900's. he went home after a day of exploration to tell his father what he had found, but since this boy was a frequent liar, his father didn't believe him! the cave sat for another sixty years before it was found again. when the cavern was found, scientists discovered many interesting things about the cave; it was home to an indian tribe at some point, it was used during the prohibition era for a drink and dance club, it was used in the civil war era to collect bat "guano" for use in gun powder....

anyway, it was a pretty interesting trip, all in all.

these are some rock "plants" that are formed over thousands of years by the dripping of water, much like stalagtites (or stalagmites, whatever...)

this was the original entrance into the cavern...

it was difficult to take good pictures because it was so dark... my brother had some good ones, maybe i'll add to this post once i get them.


joyce said...

Hmmmm...this looks pretty interesting! I love going into caves .... but only if I can stand up and get out!!!