movie talk

justin and i watched this movie, "green street hooligans," on friday night. i don't write about movies very often, but this one was really good.

there is a lot of swearing and a lot of violence, but an underlying message of loyalty, trust and family. it was hard to watch, but i think it could be one of the best movies i have seen in a long time. (i actually cried!)

i'm not very good at giving synopsis' of movies, so i'm sure you'll find some good ones if you google this flick. if you can get past swearing, and some other harsh words, this movie is well worth the while.

and you don't even think of frodo while watching this movie....!


Early Christmas

This past weekend my family came to Omaha to celebrate an early Christmas. Apart from walking away with some serious Christmastime loot, we had a lot of fun just being together. We are all so busy, and live so far away from eachother that it is difficult for us to all get together like this... fun was had by all!

Our little family!!

My brother Zach, mom, and me

Four Generation photo!!!