finn is pretty close to being a bonified crawler... and life changes yet again!


winters coming


we love november. the leaves are falling, the house is warm, football is on tv, we get to bundle up when we go out.

but most importantly, the christmas decorations get to come out. a lot of people wait until after thanksgiving to adorn their homes with lights and garlands... not us. thanksgiving is just like a practice, a warm up, for christmas. we are always gone during christmas, in illinois, celebrating with family. so we don't get to enjoy our christmas deco's as long as many others do. so we get into the holidays early. it's like the north pole in our house! lights, garlands, trees, reindeer, you name it.

in other news, finn is 8 months old today. he has started saying, "dadadadadada." yesterday he started doing this thing where he "gasps" while inhaling... it's pretty funny. he is just the cutest.

we like november alright, but bring on december!!