finn is happy because we got him some new clothes. he is modeling a new shirt in this picture. target was having a great sale! we got three shirts for 10 bucks! finn also got a pair of shoes, as the temps are getting cooler out. he looks pretty funny in shoes!

we are all loving that fall time is getting nearer! we have had the AC off for the last few days, and it has been so nice to have freash air and a breeze through the house.

as of last week, finn started sleeping 12 hours through the night! 7:30-7:30! it has been so nice. there was one day where i must have accidentally set the alarm/CD clock we have in his bedroom and it went off at like 10:30 pm... it woke him up and he was SO scared! i felt pretty bad. he cried for a few minutes and went right back to bed... poor little tyke.


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