what to do...

today is wednesday. it is the only day this week that i actually had something planned. today is hannah's birthday (the little girl who i used to nanny for) and finn and i were going to go to her party at Chuck E Cheese tonight. then justin told me that his boss was taking all of the employees and their spoused out for dinner tonight at charleston's (this super yummy and expensive steak house). i was looking forward to both and was trying to decide which one to go to. then finn woke up last night with the nastiest cough and stuffy nose ever. so now the decision is easy - stay home and watch amazing race and lost. kids - ay ve!

anyway, finn is growing up so fast. he tuned six weeks this past monday and is starting to give smiles here and there. we love to go for walks together and we are planning to get a zoo pass soon so we can go to the zoo, everyday if we want!


big kid

this kid is getting so big. he is five weeks old today and has started wearing the clothing of 3 month old!

we had a bit of a rough weekend. i think finn gets thrown off when justin is at home, there is just more action going on. it is so strange. today he is back to his normal self again!

today i accidentally clipped his skin instead of his thumb nail... whoops. it was bleeding forever! i felt bad, but he didn't cry or even flinch, so i don't feel that bad!



check out this sweet onesie my friend darby got for finn. i love it! finn will totally be a gamer just like his dad.

it has been wonderfully warm here the last few days and i am loving it. finn and i went for a walk to the grocery store yesterday... it was interesting. we live in the area of town which is heavily populated with hispanics... and yesterday happened to be like the national protest day for immigrants against the bill congress is considering passing... there were cars flooding the street next to ours. horns honking, flags waving, even little kids were riding their bikes up and down the street with their little flags in hand, screaming, "Viva America!" and there were police everywhere, trying to keep things in order - which actually, everyone was being very peaceful. they were just having fun and driving around honking their horns. really, it was like a big party, like a wedding party, you know when everyone follows the bride and groom, honking through the town.

finn slept through the whole thing. and i made it to the grocery store, bought my hamburger buns, and arrived safely at home an hour or so later. i love our country. Viva America!


New Beginnings

My baby is sleeping, and this blog was old... so I am starting over.

This log will probably be mostly about my friends and family, since that is what I care most about in the world, and surround myself with daily.

You may find the occasional post about a book, movie, or some music... but that is not really my forte.

Lets start with the most recent occurence in my life - the birth of my first child - Finn. He was born by c-section, weighing in at a massive 8 lbs. 8 oz. He is now three weeks old and is already over 9 pounds!

Being the mom of a newborn has proven to be challenging, but I am embracing the new job I have as Finn and I learn more about eachother and how to work together. Everyone says he looks like me, but I still don't see it!

Today Finn went to the Dr. as I suspected he might have thrush - it's like some bacterial infection of the mouth ot something. And the Dr. painted his mouth with violet! He is completely purple... it is quite the sight. I will post the picture when I get my camera up here.

Other than all the action going on with a new baby, my sister in law and brother in law are moving back to Illinois this week. They have two little girls, and Justin and I will miss their family so much. We will have to find new back alley bridge partners. Ah well.

I will try to post every couple of days, to keep everyone updated on all that is happening here and with our little family.